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Our team of Graphic Designers will work with you to build your Corporate Recognition Profile (CRP), including Logo, Letterhead, Business cards and more, that will compliment your vision for your Corporate Identity or Event.
For the best possible imprint we require the best possible image of your Logo or Graphic.
We find that many of our customers believe the artwork they have in "Bitmap" form, such as .jpg or .docx Word files for example, will be an acceptable format for imprinting. Unfortunately this is not the case.
Jpg files for example are "static" images that cannot be edited, resized or changed and are most often jagged around the edges and blurry when enlarged even by a small degree.
Our experienced team of Graphic Artists will Convert, or "Clean Up" these images to "Vector" format. Vector files allow the image to be resized and manipulated for application to virtually any product. Offering all of the positive features that Bitmap type files - .jpg, .gif and so on, do not.
Once your image is converted to Vector we can then change the size and colors to meet any application requirement.
Arwork services are offered at $40.00 per hour and of course  we will provide a quotation based on the amount of detail in your graphic.
As part of our commitment to service we offer these converted files to you to keep in your data base on request.

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